Heroes of Lost New York

The year is 2029 and you are a citizen of Lost New York. Lost NY is a city of eight million people filled with superheroes floating in a bubble around a strange blue sun eleven light years from earth.


July 16th, 1945: First Atomic Blast

July 17th, 1945: First know Superhuman Aussie Jack manifests powers.

1945-1978: Superheroes proliferate around the globe including governments and normals building devices and super suits to match them.

Jan 1st, 1978: Celebrity Billy Dimond “the boy mayor” becomes first black and youngest NYC Mayor at 25

January 1st, 1980: New Year day, reports of Bright Lights early in the morning in Central Park before NYC disappears.

NYC reappears floating in space in a bubble of atmosphere surrounded by debris and orbiting a strange blue star.

1980 to 1985 (Survival Years): Under the leadership of Mayor Dimond the lost city of NY stabilized.

  • 1980, scientists from Hayden Planetarium determine they are 11 light years from Earth
  • Mayor Dimond Rallies citizens and know Supers.
  • Super Volt Agrees to power city but he can only provide 12 hours a day and is exhausting.
  • Super Mr. Green Thumb takes over what was queens and Brooklyn and keeps city feed.
  • Super STEM starts the replacement process from internal combustion to electric, due to small atmosphere they need to be careful of emissions.
  • STEM designs a laser communication device that can a signal to Earth and they start construction of the device.

1986 to 1995 (Golden Years)

  • Citizens work together for greater good.
  • 1986 Laser communicator finished, and first message is sent to earth.
  • STEM builds Battery Banks allowing for 24 hours of power, now Volt can spend a few days a week charging and not always be on duty, it holds two weeks of charge.
  • Sports and Entertainment restart
  • NYPD and FDNY rally to help citizens, treated like heroes and virtually no crime.

1996 to 2018 (Years of Crime and Strife)

  • Street crime returns followed by gangs and organized crime.
  • NYPD gets less popular as they overcorrect trying to crack down on crime.
  • 2010 Major celebration aslost NY gets first message back from Earth.  The messaged is 11 years out of date but it confirms Earth survived.  Before that moment it was a great mystery and many believed it was possibly destroyed by an unknow super villain.
  • Crime fighting Superheroes start to patrol city.
  • While far ahead of Earth in Battery, Repulsor and Green Tech in most other ways Lost NY is Stuck in late 1980’s technology.
  • Under pressure Billy Diamond does not run for reelection in 2014 and a tough on crime prosecutor Liam Reedy wins election.
  • Crime and police abuse doubles from 2014-2018, the darkest years in Lost NY

2019 to Modern Day 2029 (The New Normal)

  • 2019, in 2018 a now elder Billy Dimond is reelected takes office on Jan 1st 2019.  Immediately replaced unpopular and corrupt Police Commissioner and reigned in NYPD abuse starting to bring down crime.
  • 2019 Earth starts providing daily news and entertainment from 11 years ago.  This raises moral in Lost NY, due to power limits Lost NY only sends updates back once a year.
  • 2020 First airlock is established on shell of the sphere and a shuttle for exploring outside.
  • Technology starts to catch up with earth normal with smart phones and WIFI.
  • 2029 the now 76-year-old Billy Dimond announces he is not running for reelection in 2030.

Header art by https://www.macteg.com/

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