Hello and Welcome. I have been playing role playing games since 1982 and to this day I still play every Sunday with my High School age friends and every Friday with my college friends.

A little more then a year ago a friend suggested writing a campaign, for publication, based on a D&D world where magic is illegal. The original plan fell though but the seed was planted and I kept on writing. Now over a year later I have founded The Sword and Spellbook Press LLC, and created the first world book for the Land of Pankin. On the products page you can downlead and play a free preview of Koland’s Quest.

I will be expanding this world of Pankin including writing a novel that takes place in that world. I am also working on two other worlds, one is a super hero game called Heroes of Lost NY and the other is a Sci-Fi ship battle RPG called FLEET.

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Main Book in Land of Pankin with adventures “Koldand’s Quest & Hunting Rake”

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You can still download the Free Preview Module is aviable under Products or at the Patreon page.

Core Adventure:

“Koldand’s Quest” 3-5 player level 4

“Hunting Rake” 3-5 players Level 5

Appendix Adventures:

Three one day adventures to get characters for levels 1-3

Lv1: From the Salty Mug to the Lumber Camp

Lv2: Travel on the Nutshell out of Port Town

Lv3: Mystery at Farmer Jolly’s Farm and Ranch

Other Stuff

Timelines on world


The Pantheon of Pankin

NPCs with backgrounds and stories

Over 25 new and unique maps

Over 50 new characters and stat blocs

Cover and Character art done by https://twitter.com/WendiBones

Heroes of Lost New York

The year is 2029 and you are a citizen of Lost New York. Lost NY is a city of eight million people filled with superheroes floating in a bubble around a strange blue sun eleven light years from earth.


July 16th, 1945: First Atomic Blast

July 17th, 1945: First know Superhuman Aussie Jack manifests powers.

1945-1978: Superheroes proliferate around the globe including governments and normals building devices and super suits to match them.

Jan 1st, 1978: Celebrity Billy Dimond “the boy mayor” becomes first black and youngest NYC Mayor at 25

January 1st, 1980: New Year day, reports of Bright Lights early in the morning in Central Park before NYC disappears.

NYC reappears floating in space in a bubble of atmosphere surrounded by debris and orbiting a strange blue star.

1980 to 1985 (Survival Years): Under the leadership of Mayor Dimond the lost city of NY stabilized.

  • 1980, scientists from Hayden Planetarium determine they are 11 light years from Earth
  • Mayor Dimond Rallies citizens and know Supers.
  • Super Volt Agrees to power city but he can only provide 12 hours a day and is exhausting.
  • Super Mr. Green Thumb takes over what was queens and Brooklyn and keeps city feed.
  • Super STEM starts the replacement process from internal combustion to electric, due to small atmosphere they need to be careful of emissions.
  • STEM designs a laser communication device that can a signal to Earth and they start construction of the device.

1986 to 1995 (Golden Years)

  • Citizens work together for greater good.
  • 1986 Laser communicator finished, and first message is sent to earth.
  • STEM builds Battery Banks allowing for 24 hours of power, now Volt can spend a few days a week charging and not always be on duty, it holds two weeks of charge.
  • Sports and Entertainment restart
  • NYPD and FDNY rally to help citizens, treated like heroes and virtually no crime.

1996 to 2018 (Years of Crime and Strife)

  • Street crime returns followed by gangs and organized crime.
  • NYPD gets less popular as they overcorrect trying to crack down on crime.
  • 2010 Major celebration aslost NY gets first message back from Earth.  The messaged is 11 years out of date but it confirms Earth survived.  Before that moment it was a great mystery and many believed it was possibly destroyed by an unknow super villain.
  • Crime fighting Superheroes start to patrol city.
  • While far ahead of Earth in Battery, Repulsor and Green Tech in most other ways Lost NY is Stuck in late 1980’s technology.
  • Under pressure Billy Diamond does not run for reelection in 2014 and a tough on crime prosecutor Liam Reedy wins election.
  • Crime and police abuse doubles from 2014-2018, the darkest years in Lost NY

2019 to Modern Day 2029 (The New Normal)

  • 2019, in 2018 a now elder Billy Dimond is reelected takes office on Jan 1st 2019.  Immediately replaced unpopular and corrupt Police Commissioner and reigned in NYPD abuse starting to bring down crime.
  • 2019 Earth starts providing daily news and entertainment from 11 years ago.  This raises moral in Lost NY, due to power limits Lost NY only sends updates back once a year.
  • 2020 First airlock is established on shell of the sphere and a shuttle for exploring outside.
  • Technology starts to catch up with earth normal with smart phones and WIFI.
  • 2029 the now 76-year-old Billy Dimond announces he is not running for reelection in 2030.

Header art by https://www.macteg.com/

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Included below are easy to use one page handouts for many of the NPCs in Koland’s Quest and Hunting Rake.

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