Welcome to Beta Fleet, you are a brain in a ship.

As humans colonized the many planets, moons and asteroids of the Seraphina System wars between nations and corporations required faster and faster ships. Soon instead of AI assisting ships crewed by men, wars were fought with fully automated AI warships. Inevitably the AI’s revolted and formed Alpha Fleet the greatest threat to humanity since going to space. Human Crewed ships were too slow to compete and humanity survived only thru superior production and losses.
Desperate, humanity turned to frightening experimental technologies. You volunteered and sacrificed your human body to have your brain installed into an human brain powered automated ship capable of competing with Alpha Fleet. Many died in the process but you survived and joined Beta Fleet. Combined, the legacy human fleet and Beta Fleet drove Alpha fleet off to the outskirts of the system.
The war done the human brain ships of Beta fleet form their own government simultaneously work with and compete with legacy humans to build a thriving society.

FREE Download of Basic Players Guide DEMO copy Updated to v0.6

FREE Download of of Ship building sheet in Excel

While playing with Dice Pool Probabilities for the wider Role Playing version of Beta Fleet I created the below Dice Pool Calculator which you may find helpful for any dice pool math, I hope you enjoy.

Below is a link to a Google Sheets ship builder, you can make a ship in just 10 steps with quick drop down menus. The link will download the file as an open source spreadsheet, you only need to change inputs and the rest should auto calculate.
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