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Koland’s Quest is the first series written for the Land of Pankin.

  • Koland’s Quest – Homebrew D&D5E for 3-5 players at Level 5
  • Tired, hungry and almost broke, the party heads out to meet Rake and get their share of the last adventure only to find they have been left high and dry. Desperate for work, they hear that the Wizard Koland is hiring adventurers.”

Partial Background on Wider World

The known world consists of two main continents and a scattering of small islands. The main continent of Pankin, which is home to 80 percent of the world’s population, is entirely run by a theocracy known as the Church of the Melding (often referred to by outsiders as simply “the Theocracy”). The Theocracy is a monotheistic cult that believes humans are superior beings and any nonclerical magic is the work of the underworld and must be destroyed.

Members of the Theocracy accept that other gods exist; however, they require that followers of other religions publicly acknowledge their gods are inferior to the Theocracy’s one god. This policy limits the growth of other religions, keeping them in their place. (In game terms, this means there are no clerics of other religions higher than 5th level on Pankin.) Races other than humans are similarly allowed to exist, but they are treated as inferiors and are not allowed to hold leadership roles. Magic users are actively hunted. If they are captured, they are typically executed in a public ceremony. Similarly, possessing magic items not tied to the divinity (i.e., powered by clerical magic) is a serious crime subject to penalties ranging from hard labor to public execution, depending on the circumstances. These magic items are always confiscated and destroyed immediately if possible or sent to the high church for destruction. There are rumors of one last stronghold on the main continent, referred to in whispers as Talon, where magic still exists, but these have never been verified.

The second continent, which has no true name, is generally referred to as the Wild Continent. Its population is much smaller than Pankin, and it has no central government—or even countries. Most of the Wild Continent is savage lands filled with roving tribes, beasts, and mysteries; however, there are two larger city-states and many small independent towns scattered around that create small pockets of normalcy. The prophet Keziah, founder of the Church of the Melding, decreed that his followers should have no interest or representation on the oceans or the Wild Continent. The city-states of the Wild Continent consider the proclamation from long ago a good thing, for the larger and well-trained armies of the Theocracy could easily overrun the smaller forces of the city-states.
 Greenleaf, where Koland’s Quest begins, is a small town on the Wild Continent broken into two parts: the main town located twenty miles inland on top of a large butte and Dockside down by the coast. Between them is a great swamp. Without the Dockside, the main town of Greenleaf would have no access to the trade that comes in from the ocean; however, because the western ocean has mega-tides every decade or so that flood the port and replenish the swamp, the main town is inland where the ground is solid and higher, safe from the mega-tides. The Dockside consists of hastily built wooden docks, warehouses, a few bars and inns, and not much else. The only building of substance is the stone tower to which residents retreat when a mega-tide comes through. Connecting Dockside and the main town is a partially paved road that is just a long, large earthen levee that allows caravans go back and forth between the port and main town. The swamp is home to outlaws referred to as Swamp Gypsies, who sometimes attack the caravans. As a result, the caravans are generally heavily guarded. It is dangerous, though not illegal, to walk the road alone.

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