Spear Dancer

Raised as a tribal soldier in the Blood Sands desert south of Rust Haven Spear Dancer knew how to fight before she knew how to read. The Blood Sands are an unforgiving environment populated by mixed tribes made up of outcasts from the various other more civilized parts of the Wild Continent.

While she comes off gruff when meeting new people, those that get to know her, such as her friends in The Pack, know she is more then just a very committed warrior. Spear Dancer enjoys a good tavern ale and telling stories of hunting sand foxes as a kid.



Idol was trained as a monk at the Monastery of the Flowing
Spring before being expelled. After arriving in Greenleaf a few
years ago, he joined with the Swamp Gypsies in raiding a few
caravans and saw an opportunity to be a leader of men.


Tavern keeper and bartender of the Red Lion Inn on the town square in Greenleaf. Horn is a cheerful former adventurer who considers himself lucky to have gotten out when he did, missing only one leg. Horn is known to be welcoming to outsiders, especially those with coin to spare

Captain of the Guard Ian

A one page handout on Ian captain of the guard.  You can experience more of Ian in the published adventure Koland’s Quest (aviable on DriveThruRPG) and he will also be featured in the upcoming novel Xan: Adventures on the Wild Continent.

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